Martin County Bar Association

I just got back from doing a presentation at the Martin County Bar Association and had to write about what pleasant experience it was, and what a great group of lawyers and judges I got to meet. I did my piece on the history and mission of Florida Lawyers Assistance, but I pointed out that I was probably speaking to the wrong group, as just the fact that about 150 legal professionals understood the value of getting out of the office on a beautiful Friday afternoon (and overlooking a gorgeous golf course) and spending some time together interacting with each other as lawyers and as people indicated they “got it”. Unfortunately, it’s the lawyers who “just don’t have the time” to attend functions like this who we get to see at FLA. I’m a huge fan of local county bar associations for several reasons – it’s a great way to network and meet the colleagues you’ll be practicing with, and it’s very hard to be a dickish lawyer in court or at a deposition with someone you’ve seen every month in a casual, friendly social setting and talked about your families and kids’ soccer games.

My presentation was followed by a “speed dating” program where the circuit and appellate judges who were in attendance (and most of them were there) circulated from table to table to meet the lawyers and answer any questions they might have. Could have been chaos, but they pulled it off nicely!

I want to thank the Bar Association officers and staff for inviting me to a really pleasant afternoon, and congratulate them on clearly having one of the most active and cordial bar associations I’ve been to in a while.

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