Founder of Attorneys Masterclass Lauds Annual Workshop

Dustin Cole, founder and CEO of Attorneys Masterclass, and a presenter at the 2015 FLA Annual Workshop, expressed his favorable impression of the workshop and attendees. Mr. Cole stated,

“I wanted to again express my thanks for allowing me to be a part of your inspiring program. I was struck by the extraordinary strength of character and sense of community in that group. So many of them have experienced extraordinary challenges in their lives, while others are there because they are aware of the potential issues they could face and are determined to deal with them successfully.

It was a powerful experience for me – so different from so many of the fusty legal conferences I speak at, where the real world is hidden behind the facade of “lawyer.” This was one of the most genuine and open groups I have ever experienced – more like those of the various personal growth programs I have participated in. I very much want to talk with you and plan some joint programs around the state.”

Mr. Cole’s presentation of Reducing Stress Through Law Practice Management was warmly received by the workshop participants. Mr. Cole graciously offered to share his materials with anyone interested, and links to those documents can be accessed by clicking Six Principles.

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