Judge Hoeveler’s Remarks

Statement by The Hon. William Hoeveler – U.S. District Court, So. District of Florida

I think one of the basic problems of our profession and all professions is a loss of individual spirituality.

This may offend some people, but when I read about the history of this country and the way our Constitution was formed … I think about the reasons why lawyers do what they do. And for a lot of them, it is because they have no compass that is directing them. They have no internal direction.

And that’s becoming more and more pervasive…. And this is something we never talk about. We would like to relegate this to the parlors of homes and so forth. But it is a problem that we’ve got to address and think about.

We have lost touch.

And I don’t care what kind of spiritual values you have – whatever you are is unimportant – but the fact that we are living in an increasingly technological and material world which has no time or room for these thoughts is, I think, one of the deepest problems that we as lawyers face.